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How to write for CSA

(i) A manuscript should be sent to the editors before the end of March. The manuscript must be in English and include a list of references. Illustrations must be sent as separate files of appropriate formats (see below). The manuscript is read by the editors and at least one reviewer. CSA works with a double-blind peer review system, where the author and the reviewer are anonymous to eachother. If the reviewer(s) recommends the manuscript for publication, it is returned with comments to the author for revision.

(ii) After completion of suggested changes, a new manuscript should be sent to the editors who forward it to a professional language reviser. The revised manuscript is sent back to the author. After the author has accepted the language revision the text is considered ready for layout, and no substantial changes or additions to the text will be accepted.

(iii) After layout the author will receive a proof, where only minor and typographical corrections are allowed. CSA is normally distributed in December.

(iv) Current Swedish Archaeology is an Open-Access journal. By submitting a text to the printed journal author(s) also agrees on that their work will be digitally accessible on the journals home page.

How to write
Download instructions for authors, pdf

The language of Current Swedish Archaeology is English. Only manuscripts written in English will be considered for publication. The editors can recommend suitable editing services.

Each volume of CSA contain five different types of texts;  (i) Keynote article, (ii) Keynote responses, (iii) Research articles, (iv) Notices, and (v) Reviews. The Keynote article and research articles must not exceed 50 000 characters, spaces included. Keynote responses must not exceed 10 000 characters, spaced included. Notices must not exceed 1 700 characters, and Reviews must not exceed 7 000 characters, spaces included.

If the text contain many and/or large illustrations, the length of the text should be adjusted accordingly. A suggested placing of the illustrations should be marked in the text. Figure captions are listed after the reference list, at the end of the manuscript.

For Articles and the Keynote article, please include at the top of the first page, listed as follows:

  • Title (a one level heading is preferred, but two levels are accepted)
  • Name (or names) of the author(s)
  • Abstract (no longer than 100 words)
  • Keywords (no more than ten)
  • Postal address(es) to the Author(s)

The document should be e-mailed to the editors as a file in .doc format. Please send the text unformatted.

The number of illustrations allowed depends on the length of the manuscript and the size of the illustrations. Normally 5-8 illustrations and/or tables are accepted. All illustrations, tables and diagrams should be numbered consecutively. They should be submitted as digital originals of high quality, in high resolution (minimum 300 dpi in the final print size). File formats preferred are .jpg, .tiff, .ai or .eps. If you need to use other formats, please consult the editors. Since CSA is printed in B/W, use B/W or greyscale in all illustrations.

A suggested placing of the illustrations, tables and diagrams should be marked in the text. The illustrations should however not be pasted in the manuscript, but be sent as separate files. Figure captions are listed after the reference list, at the end of the manuscript.

CSA employs the Harvard system of referencing.

References to literature in the text should look like this (where Montelius and Chapman are the only authors, Hodder & Orton are two authors, and Anderson is one of three or more authors).

(Montelius 1885:13; Hodder & Orton 1978:59, 62f; Andersson et al. 1992:21ff; Chapman 1997:3-12).

The list of references should be listed exactly as follows:

Binford, L. R. 1972. An Archaeological Perspective. New York: Seminar Papers.
Chapman, J. 1997. The Impact of Modern Invasions and Migrations on Archaeological Explanation. In: Chapman, J. & Hamerow, H. (eds). Migrations and Invasions in Archaeological Explanation. BAR International Series 664. Pp. 11-20. Oxford: Archaeopress.
Childe, V. G. 1958. Retrospect. Antiquity. Vol. 32, pp. 69-74.

Please note that the name and city of the publisher should be included  for all monographs, and page numbers for all articles in edited volumes and journals. Titles of monographs and journals should be in italics.

Book reviews
CSA publishes reviews of books on Nordic topics or emanating from Nordic research which may be of interest for a wider international readership. Please contact the editors if you would like to suggest a book for review. Unsolicited review copies will not be returned.