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In 1947 some well-known archaeologists proposed the formation of a Swedish archaeological society because Sweden lacked a scientific organization in the archaeological field, in contrast to the situation in other comparable countries. An archaeological society could bridge the gaps between the research branches. Only archaeologists well known for very important scientific results would be members of the proposed society. The society was named the Swedish Archaeological Society. A statutory meeting took place 5th May 1947 in the National Museum of History. Professor Bernhard Karlgren was elected the first Chairman of the Society.

The Society is the common body for all professional Swedish archaeologists, regardless of specialty. According to the revised statutes the purpose of the Society is to further Swedish Archaeological research and to support archaeological research by granting scholarships. The Society shall especially take care of the vocational interest of the archaeologists. This task shall be carried out by taking part in the public debate, by influencing the public opinion and by being a body to which proposed measures are submitted for consideration.

Of additional importance is that the Society shall follow and inform about the development within primarily Swedish archaeology. In the beginning of the Society qualified scientific lectures were arranged. Annual meetings were combined with excursions to well-known ancient monuments. Currently the Society arranges discussions and seminars on different archaeological topics of interest to archaeologists. Every second year the Society holds a thematic meeting for Swedish archaeologists.

Support from various funds enabled the Society to issue an archaeological bibliography, Swedish Archaeological Bibliography, which comprises 1939-1948, 1949-1952, 1953-1957, 1960-1965, 1966-1970, 1970-1975. It was followed by Swedish Archaeology issued 1976-1980 and 1981-1985. In 2001 the Society issued Swedish Archaeological Bibliography 1882-1938. In 1981 Gjallarhornet began to be issued – the newsletter of the Society and in 1993 the annual journal Current Swedish Archaeology. The journal has since then contained articles mirroring the current archaeological research and theoretical trends. The journal is an important part of the Society’s work.

Over the years various funds have been created through, among other things, donations. The Rosa Tengborg scholarship fund – later Rosa and Valter Tengborg’s scholarship fund – has its origin in a donation in 1976. In 2002 the Society decided to create a Swedish Archaeological Society’s memorial fund to be administered by the Society based on the money remaining in other existing funds.