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Current Swedish Archaeology (CSA) is a peer-reviewed journal focusing primarily on the interpretation of the archaeological record and on archaeology as social practice. It has the highest ranking on the ERIH list (B) among Swedish Journals of Archaeology. The aim of the journal is to make the findings and discussions in Swedish archaeology accessible to non-Swedish speaking readers in and outside of Scandinavia, and to promote contact and debate between Swedish archaeology and the larger international field.

The first volume of CSA was published in 1993. It is published by the Swedish Archaeological Society, and with support from the Swedish Research Council. To guarantee the high quality of CSA, the editors are nominated by the board of the Swedish Archaeological Society, and are supported by an editorial advisory board consisting of leading scholars in different archaeological fields.

CSA is published in one annual volume containing 10-15 articles. Each volume contains one keynote article debating a current theme in Swedish archaeology, followed by several commentaries. Each volume also includes a number of peer-reviewed articles from a wide range of topics in Swedish archaeology, reviews of recent book releases, and notices of current happenings in Swedish archaeology.

CSA is produced with support from the Swedish Research Council and in collaboration with the publisher Nordic Academic Press, the graphic designer Anders Gutehall, and the distributor Förlagssystem.
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